About Bugis Credit

Bugis Credit Pte Ltd (Formerly Known As Symbolic Pte Ltd) is founded in year 2007, with a significant goal to extend their assistance to all people who badly need a helping hand.

While many of Bugis Credit’s competitors come and go throughout the years, we stay strong despite the negative stigma to moneylending industry.

Our Director Billy Kong; who aligned its moneylending amenity with the Singapore government’s intentions and answer to call for financial assistance with empathy, compassion and great customer services that made Bugis Credit popular and a household name. We are composed of dedicated staff that runs the extra miles for the betterment of one’s financial life.

We render financial assistance like overdue credit card bills, unfulfilled dreams, new home with new renovations, education fees, and the like. We listen to understand your situation and match you with the right financial solutions to get you back on your feet.

Bugis Credit’s emphasis on hard work, good team, and kindness marks an exemplary stamp on what moneylending should be. To aim to go beyond and above to serve the needs of others, helping individual dreams who aspire for change come true and have the courage and determination to follow through

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