Business Loan

To be a strong nation envied by most of the larger countries, Singapore built its solid foundation out of active businesses to heighten economic growth. The competition in the business world is extremely tough, and many of the companies could not catch up with constant upgrades and changes in the market, one of the main reasons for companies facing bankruptcy or buyout by other larger companies.

We can help by offering you our business loan. Our business loan is open to all small or medium-sized companies. We do not set any criteria of what type of business that needs financial assistance. Instead of scratching your head to come up with a tidy sum by the end of the month to pay your employees, we are here to help you so that you can concentrate on what is the most important – your business.

As lawful moneylenders here in Singapore, our team aim at assisting and serving you to our best abilities. Our business loan provides financial assistance for your future or existing company; whether it is a capital amount to kick start a new business, or funding an expansion across other countries, to enhancing product production, or to optimise your company’s operation. As long as the purpose suits your business needs, this loan is perfect for you.

Unlike other types of loans like payday loans, personal loans, and foreigner loans, the business loan is intended to one aspect, no other than the business itself. Aside from that, this type of loan has a longer repayment duration than those other mentioned loans. The business loan has 24-month maximum repayment period. Compared to payday loans, which only last until the next payday, this gives you more than enough time to repay the bigger loan amount, allowing flexibility for you to concentrate on building your business.

We have dealt with different businesses and had assisted them in their financial hurdles. All our loans are drafted in your best interest and according to the regulations in Singapore. Though requirements may vary according to different moneylenders, we only need the bare requirements for your application to be approved. First of all, only the Singapore-registered companies are allowed to apply and you must have a minimum of one year business operation in order to qualify for a loan. You also need to submit the following requirements: photocopy of borrowers’ identity cards and passports, your company’s bank statements for the last 3 to 6 months, your company’s financial statements for the latest year, and income tax statements.

Similar to other loans, business loan has two quick processes to choose from according to your comfort. You can choose either walk-in or online application. Both works best as we have the best loan personnel waiting to answer any questions or to clarify any doubts you may have on our loans and to handle your application in the fastest time.

We strongly believed that the every business, big or small have their financial needs to continuously operate healthily and trust us, we are always here to help.