Foreigner Loan

Singapore is a home of all races, land of the citizens and the working foreigners. Every year, Singapore attracts hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners to our shore. Our green and clean environment together with our diverse cultures makes our little island an exciting place to call home, even if it is just for a couple of years. Because of this, our legitimate money lending industry expands its’ horizon and goes an extra mile in its’ financial support to our expatriates. You are either temporarily or permanently staying in the country to fulfill professional or skilled works within Singapore. Sent by your company to contribute their expertise in the field of engineering, manufacturing, development, and others.

In all honesty, expatriates received higher income in here than of staying in their land of birth. But, that does not assure them of a stable financial standing and a zero crisis. Living in a foreign place can be a bumpy start that gets more complicated when you’ve got to deal with your own issues alone. Or if help is provided, you might fall into the hands of unauthorised loan sharks in the financing world. Thus, our team cares to enlighten the non-nationals about our foreigner loan.

Foreigner loan is customised to cater to foreigners staying in Singapore, who need to stabilise their critical monetary conditions especially when you first relocate to our little sunny island. You and your family might need a financial helping hand to tide you over during your settling in period. Be it for the down payment on your rented home, the deposit of your new car or even some cash to get comfortable before your relocation package from your company kicks in. Whatever the reason, this is a perfect match for whatever purpose embedded in your loan application, may it be for emergency purpose, health enhancement expenses, appliances or gadgets, or even cash to send money way back home.

Our approachable loan personnel are trained in all aspects of communication skills and are warm-hearted professional individuals who will walk you through the process to give you a better understanding of possible options for your loan. We thrive to bring the best services and the fastest approval to you.

As expert moneylender, we are well aware that you don’t have any property or physical asset to use as a collateral, here in Singapore. Hence, it is quite odd to require foreigners, like you, to settle for secured loans. Unsecured loans are the only way to accommodate your needs.

For us to proceed with your foreigner loan, you must be employed and residing in Singapore, you should have a legitimate working permit, an official letter of employment, valid passport, proof of income, and current bank statements.

Our moneylending process is made convenient to all, even immigrants through an online application. Our simple website has easy browsing features with interactive customer representative support, perfect for the working crowd in a fast-paced country.